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IISD/ENB Presents - ENV #22
In the Corridors at the UNFCCC - Warsaw Climate Change Conference (COP19/CMP9) - Day 4

11-22 November 2013 | Warsaw, Poland

(Duration: 4:42)

Here in Warsaw on Thursday, numerous issues were considered in contact groups, informal consultations, workshops and other events under the COP, CMP, SBI, SBSTA and ADP.

Delegates following issues under the SBI had to make up for lost time in June when the SBI did not convene due an agenda dispute.

In the ADP a workshop on urbanization and the role of governments in facilitating climate action in cities took place in the afternoon. The aim of the event was to identify practical approaches to increase pre-2020 emission reduction ambition.

You can find our written reports and photographs for this meeting here » www.iisd.ca/climate/cop19/

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In the Corridors at the UNFCCC - Warsaw Climate Change Conference (COP19/CMP9) - Day 4

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