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IISD/ENB Presents - ENV #32
IISD Video: Warsaw Climate Conference Special Days: Global Landscapes Forum

16-17 November 2013 | Warsaw, Poland

(Duration: 8:28)

Peter Holmgren, Director General, Centre for International Forest Research (CIFOR), explained that the Global Landscapes Forum is a logical outgrowth of the idea that agriculture, ecosystems and human livelihoods are all deeply interrelated. He noted that policymaking today is increasingly evidence-based, and that it would be important for researchers to become more relevant and work to inform those policies. To that end, he reminded participants that the report from the Global Landscapes Forum would be taken back to the UNFCCC negotiators the following week.

You can find our written reports and photographs for this meeting here » www.iisd.ca/climate/cop19/

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