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OCEANS-L is a mailing list for news and announcements related to oceans policy issues. Postings include oceans policy news, announcements of workshops/conferences, job listings, and information on new publications and online resources. Oceans-L is brought to you by IISD, in cooperation with the Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts, and Islands.





As OCEANS-L is a peer-to-peer announcement list, any subscriber can post to the list. The list is moderated and only announcements that satisfy the following guidelines will be distributed to subscribers:


a) All postings to OCEANS-L should be announcements appropriate for an international audience that have a "oceans" connection: i.e. oceans management issues, best practices in oceans management, announcements or outcomes of oceans-related meetings, or sessions/side events at oceans meetings, relevant job postings, publications and online resources;


b) No postings that are commercial in nature, personal statements, news stories, polemic statements or postings intended to create discussion will be cleared for distribution to the list;


c) Postings should include the internet address for large documents (URLs) rather than including attached files. 


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