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Briefing Note
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Post-2015 Policy & Practice
UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Integration Meeting on Achieving Sustainable Development: Integrating the Social, Economic and Environmental Dimensions

13 May 2013 | UN Headquarters, New York, United States of America

Building The Future We Want

The UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) convened a meeting on “triple win” approaches to sustainable development on Monday, 13 May 2013, at UN Headquarters in New York. 

The meeting included two panel discussions on “Policy convergence for sustainable development” and “Scaling up for sustainable development.” The panels examined how science, technology and innovation can contribute to integration for triple-win solutions in the energy and agriculture sectors. Participants also identified ways in which integrated policy actions, some of which may involve short-term trade-offs in one dimension, may result in longer-term benefits in all areas of sustainable development, and provide guidance on integrating the three dimensions: economic, social and environmental. 

View of the UN Headquarters in New York, venue for the meeting (photo courtesy of Pam Chasek)
The meeting took place in the newly renovated ECOSOC Chamber.
José Antonio Ocampo, Chairperson, United Nations Committee for Development Policy.
Florence Chenoweth, Minister of Agriculture, Liberia.
Hunter Lovins, President National Capitalism.
Gary Lawrence, Corporate Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, AECOM.
Funding for coverage of this meeting has been provided by the
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
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